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Pinky e Cérebro Assistir Pinky e Cérebro Dublado/Legendado Online Pinky and the Brain (no Brasil, Pinky e o Cérebro e em Portugal, Pinky e o Brain), são personagens de uma série americana animada de televisão. São dois ratos brancos típicos de laboratório que utilizam os Laboratórios Acme como base para seus planos mirabolantes para dominar o mundo (sob razão nunca revelada), após seus genes terem ...

CATIA V5 Essentials: In-depth Drawings

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CATIA V5 Essentials: In-depth Drawings

Creating drafting documentation can be very time consuming as you may repeat the same steps multiple times. In this course, CATIA V5 Essentials: In-depth Drawings, you’ll learn the most important and essential techniques to create drafting documents in a fast and timely manner. You’ll start by first learning the drafting customization process to suit individual, company, or project needs. Then you’ll look in detail into drafting projection, dimension, and annotation commands available in the drafting workbench. Finally, you’ll finish off this course by learning methods required to create assembly drafting documentation. By the end of this course, you will be able to set, manage, and modify templates, drawing views, annotation standards, and dimensions as per company or project requirements. Software required: CATIA.

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